Hauzatul Ilmia al-imam Sajjad


I have completed Islamic introductory (Muqaddamaat) Studies in Hyderabad India in Houzatul Mahdi for 5 years in which I have completed different topics such as:
Urdu Language with its literature, Farsi Language, Fiqh, Usool, Arabic Grammar (JameulMuqaddmaat, المقدمات جامع), Islamic History, Quran, Tajweed, Tafseer-e-Quran etc… Except Languages all above subjects were taught for five years from level one to level five known as introductory (Muqaddamaat) levels in Hawza.


Then I joined HouzatulSaiyida Zainab (sa) in Syria for 10 years where I completed courses in Jurisprudence and Islamic studies.Some of the important books which are well known by Hawza are لمعتین in Fiqh,حلقات، ,مظفر اصول in Usool were completed in this period of time, with many other subjects like: Philosophy, Balagat, Mantiq, Aqaid, Tafseer, History, ElmeRejaal, etc.


I have continued Three years of further Islamic Studies, various subjects were covered specially رسائل in Usool and مکاسب in Fiqh were completed with many other subjects mentioned above. I have specialized in teaching, addressing gatherings (Majaalis), tableegh, public relations, poetry etc.


Presently I am running HauzatulIlmiah al ImamaSajjad (as) at 2134/1 Mondi mohallah, Mysore, Karnataka as a manager/teacher.This Hauza has 24 students who are taught the Islamic syllabus as prescribed by Jaameat Ul Mustafa in Iran.



I have recited Majalis and delivered lectures in various countries like India, Kuwait, Syria and UAE. I can provide CDs of my recorded majaalis should you wish to hear them.